Blindsided by Thought

I help you understand that your thoughts don’t always reflect your reality and provide tools to help you navigate life in an easier, more enjoyable way.

Your thinking doesn't have to rule your life

Have you ever considered the role of thought? What if you didn’t have to react to every thought you had? Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if you knew that you didn’t have to listen to that chatter that goes along side your day to day life and that it’s basically just a narrator that is not always helpful!

My job as a coach is to help you to realise the role of thought and help you to see that we’re quite often just blindsided by thought but we treat it as though it’s real.

I can help you to navigate life in a much easier and more enjoyable way, it’s not meant to be this hard!

Is life really meant to be this hard?

Working with teenagers

Over the last few years I’ve been more and more interested in working with teenagers and young people. The changes I’ve seen when teaching them how the mind works has been incredible.

The relief they feel when they realise they don’t have to believe every thought they have is huge.

If you are in contact with a teenager who is struggling please get in touch and I can help to get them back on track.

Clare Assante Founder of Blindsided by Thought

About Me

Hi I’m Clare

I suffered with anxiety for 25 years, it made my world very small and I was doing less and less, I had tried many things but nothing helped long term until I came across an understanding of how the mind works that helped me to navigate life without getting caught up in all the drama.

Life ebbs and flows, we have ups and downs, that’s the way we’re designed, it’s only when we think things should be different that we suffer. I want to share what I’ve learnt as it can help with all aspects of life, whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, unwanted habits, health anxiety or anything that’s making your life feel like hard work.

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Blinded by Thought

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Worry is something we all do. It usually starts with ‘What if..’ and our mind can be amazingly creative with what it will worry about! Imagine if you didn’t have to take your worried thoughts so seriously and knew that when there’s something that needs doing, you can take care of it

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