Working with Parents

Helping parents navigate teen mental health

When working with parents, my goal is to help them understand how their own upbringing and life experiences may be influencing their parenting style. Often when our children become teenagers, we start to see them through the lenses of our own teenage years, remembering our struggles and fears, and wanting to protect them from making the same mistakes. This can lead to a state of panic where we worry constantly about our children, whether we know what they’re doing or not. However, by exploring the underlying fears and beliefs that are driving this behaviour, we can gain a more balanced perspective.


a broader perspective

Through our work together, we will examine the filters through which you are viewing your child, which may be shaped by your own opinions, experiences, beliefs and conditioning. By stepping back and gaining a broader perspective, you can learn to parent from a place of common sense rather than panic, and provide your teenager with the support and guidance they need to navigate this stage of their life.

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