Invisible attachments

Clare Assante

Clare Assante

Clare is an accredited Coach and founder of Blindsided by Thought

We have underlying attachments which are the source of our suffering. The problem is that they’re invisible.

When we start to look at them it’s very interesting how they start to become interesting rather than causing suffering.

The way we can know what our attachments are, is it would be something that looks like it can give you or take away your wellbeing.

So if you have something like not having enough money (taking your wellbeing) or if you win some money (giving you wellbeing) and these feelings around it are very strong, then this would mean you have some sort of attachment.

This could be a feeling of security, so the attachment could be ‘I need to feel safe/secure’ and it feels like money does this.

The part to be interested in is the fact that we have wellbeing regardless of money, there’s a part of us that we can trust is always ok, it can’t be broken or stolen.

There are many people who have a lot of money who are not happy and people with no money who are extremely happy.

It’s fascinating when we start to be aware of our attachments, they become visible and instead of being floored by things we can just know that any stresses we’re having are because of some underlying attachment.

It’s great news because it means we don’t have to navigate the outside world, we only have to be on to how it all works. It’s incredibly freeing.

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