“I have spent most of my adult life overshadowed by feelings of dread and wasted countless hours worrying about things that I have no control over by over-thinking imaginary scenarios that simply don’t exist! At times I have let my inner thoughts grow into a dark entity that feeds off my anxiety and suffocates my happiness.

I always believed there was no cure, no solution. I accepted it was a case of being who I am – someone who suffers from anxiety! That is until Clare showed me a different path: the simple but very effective realisation that a thought is only a thought!

Due to lockdown I was initially nervous about my consultation with Clare as the session had to be conducted via Zoom. However, once connected, Clare instantly put me at ease with her calm, friendly demeanour. Throughout the session, Clare articulated herself well and was able to provide clear examples to illustrate the mythology. I was encouraged to ask questions and Clare was able to answer them and provide clarity.

The results have really shown me that we never know an outcome to a situation and that we can choose to live in the moment and not worry about a future that we have no control over. This method has been life-changing and has empowered me to cope with stressful situations in a different way and not let my anxieties escalate! This session is highly recommended!”

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