“I have spent most of my adult life overshadowed by feelings of dread and wasted countless hours worrying about things that I have no control over by over-thinking imaginary scenarios that simply don’t exist! At times I have let my inner thoughts grow into a dark entity that feeds off my anxiety and suffocates my […]

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“Clare became my coach at the start of lockdown. It was during a difficult time in all our lives. She was an amazing help to me, explaining the ’new understanding’ and how the mind works. This is a completely different approach than I have ever been taught before. I have suffered with anxiety, depression and

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“I’ve been living with OCD for years. Having tried various different therapies CBT and hypnotism to name a couple but nothing really making a lasting difference I had resigned myself to the fact this was something I would have to live with.   As luck would have it, Clare posted on a social media site,

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